Apps for Flying or Using Drones

1. Flight / Drone Apps

If you have a drone that relies on your phone for flight instructions, you probably have drone apps. But there are more drone apps than just the ones provided by the manufacturer.

DJI GO4 (For drones since P4) (App)

With the new DJI GO4 app on Android or iOS, you can now edit and share your aerial imagery with ease. DJI has also improved the near real-time image transmission and camera settings adjustment, so you can capture the world from above without any hassle.

The app features intelligent flight modes, a live HD view, flight data tracking and logging, and an editing and sharing capability.

Pricing: FREE

Download (Android): DJI GO 4–For drones since P4

Download (iOS): DJI GO 4

Official Website:

DJI Fly (App)

The DJI Fly app interface is very intuitive for Mavic Mini, Mavic Air 2, DJI Mini 2, DJI FPV, DJI Air 2S pilots. With the new DJI Fly app, you can now simply tap to fly.

May need to download directly from DJI website.

Pricing: FREE

Download (Android): DJI Fly

Download (iOS): DJI Fly

Official Website:

Shenzhen RYZE Tech Co.Ltd

Tello App is an essential app for the Tello drone, with many functions such as real-time image-transmission interface and camera, video-recording functions that can easily experience the fun of aerial-photography. Tello App also sets parameters of the drone, upgrades the firmware and calibrates the drone.

Pricing: FREE

Download (Android): TELLO

Download (iOS): TELLO

Official Website:

Skydio 2 (App)

Skydio 2 is designed to be your personal film crew, capturing stunning 4K60 HDR content and following subjects to avoid obstacles. The Skydio 2 app lets you launch, fly, land, and export all in one place, and the app also lets you connect with a Skydio Beacon for easy, one-handed control or use a Controller for high-precision, stress-free manual control.

Pricing: FREE

Download (Android): Skydio 2

Download (iOS): Skydio 2

Official Website: ($75 OFF)

DJI GO (For older Mavic drones) (App)
  • The Inspire 1 series
  • Phantom 3 series
  • Matrice series
  • Osmo handheld gimbal and camera

Pricing: FREE

Download (Android): DJI GO

Download (iOS): DJI GO

Official Website:

DJI Virtual Flight (App)

DJI’s new FPV flight simulator provides an immersive experience wherever you go. It’s available on iOS.

Pricing: FREE

Download (iOS): DJI Virtual Flight

Official Website:

DJI Store (App)

Download the DJI Store app to find the latest drones, camera stabilizers, and accessories to suit your needs.

Pricing: FREE

Download (Android): DJI Store – Deals/News/Hotspot

Download (iOS): DJI Store – Get Deals / News

Official Website:

DJI GS Pro (iPad) (App)

The DJI GS Pro is a powerful app that lets you do all of the things you need to do with your drone, like managing flight data on the cloud and running your drone program. It’s a must-have for any drone operator.

Pricing: FREE

Download (iOS): DJI GS Pro

Official Website:

DJI Pilot PE (App)

DJI Pilot PE is customized for FlightHub and consists of the DJI Pilot flight control app deployed on a private cloud server.

Pricing: FREE

Download (Android): DJI Pilot PE

Official Website:

Tesla Field Recorder (App)

What is the Magnetometer? The Magnetometer is a device that detects magnetic fields. It can measure magnetic fields with a wide range of intensities in all directions. It is also able to detect metal objects.

Pricing: FREE (Offers In-App Purchases)

Download (iOS): Tesla – Metal detector and Magnetic field recorder

Official Website:

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