Storing Your Drone Photos 📲

Storing Your Drone Photos 📲

You can ask anyone who is into drone photography how important it is to have an organizational system for your videos and photos. The pain you have to go through when trying to find an image you captured a while ago is unbearable. In order to keep you from this pain, I have created this section where you will find the complete drone guide on how to store your images and videos correctly.

There are many ways you can store your DJI Mavic drone images. You can use the internal drone storage, you can use SD cards, you can choose a DJI CineSSD for the DJI Inspire 2, you can use a normal external hard drive, or you can jump out and get a LaCie DJI Copilot.

There is also the option to store everything in cloud-based storage. All these storage methods have their advantages and disadvantages; it all depends on what your needs are, so it may be worth combining solutions for the best results. In this section, I will try to give you a comprehensive drone guide on which method would work best for you.

Storage Expansion and Backup: A Digital Creative’s Wish List (

This article is about digital storage solutions for expanding your desktop/laptop, and local backup. It is not recommended to use an external hard drive for your DJI or GoPro. And, you should not let your storage needs get the best of you.

Photo Focused and Cloud Backup Solutions for Drone Pilots and Content Creators (

There are many different cloud backup solutions for drone pilots and content creators. These solutions have similarities and differences, and a unique set of file restrictions.

Building My Own TrueNAS Core 11-bay+ ATX Based on ServerBuilds’ NAS Killer 4.1 Build (

Building a server from scratch is not as difficult as you might think. If you need a NAS, consider TrueNAS to get superior multi-disk performance with ZFS for a low cost.

You should read this article if you want to build your own server using the NAS Killer 1 from JDM_WAAAT. This build is really affordable, and most of the parts are used and of enterprise-grade.

WeFlyWithDrones – Mavic Drones 🎇

Mastering your drone piloting abilities is not an easy task. It requires you to know all the tips and tricks in the book. This is my collection of a few tips and tricks you want to know when it comes to drones.

How to Create HDR Images With Your DJI Mavic (

So you have your Mavic and you’ve been wondering how to create HDR images? This article is part of the WeFlyWithDrones series, Well, here’s how. Here’s how to create HDR images with your DJI Mavic Drone.

Mavic Drones: How to Fix Missing Intelligent Flight Modes Issue (

You’ve tried restarting the drone and restarting the DJI app, but your Flight Modes are still missing? Don’t worry, there’s a solution to this issue.

How to Re-Install Firmware on DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom, Enterprise Series, Mavic Air 2, or Mavic Mini (

When you experience errors related to inconsistent firmware, it is a good idea to re-install firmware on the Mavic Drone. Simply follow these steps to get to the point of re-installing firmware.

Does the Mavic 2 Pro Have Tripod Mode (T-Mode)? (

So you have your Mavic and you’ve been wondering how to create HDR images? This article is part of the WeFlyWithDrones series, Well, here’s how. Here’s how to create HDR images with your DJI Mavic Drone.

How to Make a Drone Hyperlapse with Adobe Premiere CC 2020 (

It’s a lot of fun to make your own drone Hyperlapse! You can do it with Adobe Premiere and these easy-to-follow instructions.

More soon! 🙂 Do you have an idea for an article, WeFlyWithDrones or something you want to learn? Feel free to comment on this article below and I will do my best!

Commercial WeFlyWithDrones 🏙

I think it’s important for anyone who wants to get into drone photography to know that they can make a living from it. There’s also a lot of potential in the field and there’s also a lot of opportunities. So, even if you’re doing it as a hobby or for fun, you should consider using it to make some money on the side. This might help you better understand what I’m talking about.

FAA Part 107 sUAS Test

The FAA Part 107 drone operator certificate is a required certificate for drone pilots who wish to get paid for providing commercial services using drones.

As is the case with all required certifications, there does come a time when one needs to obtain it immediately and not wait any time to complete studying.

FAA Part 107 sUAS Test

Where to Fly 🗺

Where to Fly a Drone In Wisconsin

Beyond WeFlyWithDrones, there are many great places where you can fly your drone. In this section I will list all my favorite places. See if you like any of them and maybe go there to have a great drone pilot experience. I will add more places as soon as I find them. So stay tuned!

Portage, Wisconsin (

This page contains the best places to fly a drone in Portage. We will also talk about the safety of flying drones in this city and provide you with a list of the best places to fly a drone in Portage, WI.

Lake Wisconsin (

Best places to fly a drone in Lake Wisconsin, Wisconsin.

Westfield (

Best places to fly a drone in Westfield, Wisconsin.

Mount Horeb (

Best places to fly a drone in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

Where to Fly a Drone In United Kingdom

I am pleased to announce the first best places to fly in the UK, created in collaboration with drone pilot Kyle Jones. Visit the following post in North Wales to learn more about Kyle and see some of his fantastic photographs!

North Wales, United Kingdom (

What better way is there to experience the beauty of Wales than to fly a drone? North Wales has some of the best places to fly a drone.

There are, of course, rules that need to be followed when it comes to flying a drone in the UK. But if you do it right and understand the rules, you’ll have a ton of fun exploring North Wales in a unique way.