Crazy Deal: DJI Mini 3 Drone with Screen Remote and Fly More Kit for $599 (Open Box)

Score massive savings on DJI's latest Mini 3 drone! B&H Photo has an open-box bundle with the 4K drone, screen remote controller, and Fly More combo package for just $599. Don't miss this steal!

Crazy Deal: DJI Mini 3 Drone with Screen Remote and Fly More Kit for $599 (Open Box)
Crazy Deal: DJI Mini 3 Drone with Screen Remote and Fly More Kit for $599 (Open Box)

What's good, drone squad? Suri here again with another killer deal that just flew onto my radar. If you've been jonesing to get your hands on DJI's latest compact powerhouse, the Mini 3, this one's for you.

Listen up, fam. The good folks over at B&H Photo are serving up an open box DJI Mini 3 bundle that'll make your wallet do a happy dance. For just $599, you're getting the Mini 3 drone itself, plus the swanky new screen remote controller and the Fly More combo package. Yeah, you heard me right - the whole shebang for under 600 bucks.

Now, before you go thinking "open box" means some beat-up, second-hand junker, let me put those fears to rest. We're talking essentially new condition here, straight from B&H's shelves. The only difference is that thoughtful packaging gets tossed aside - because who needs it when you're trying to score a deal, am I right?

DJI Mini 3 Drone with DJI RC Remote (Fly More Combo)

Buy from B&H - $599.00

B&H Deal can be found over at:

For those living under a rock, the Mini 3 is DJI's latest pint-sized aerial beast. This tiny maverick packs a 4K camera, 3-axis gimbal, and an insane 38-minute flight time into its ultra-portable frame. Toss in the dedicated screen controller, and you've got an immersive drone experience that'll make you feel like you're in the cockpit.

But wait, there's more! The Fly More kit adds even more value to this bundle. You're getting two extra intelligent flight batteries, a charging hub to juice them all up, spare propellers (because you know how it goes), and a slick carrying case to stash your new mini bird.

Now, let's do some math here. If you were to buy the Mini 3 with the screen controller direct from DJI, you'd be shelling out $489 just for that. Then toss in another $189 for the Fly More kit separately. That's $678 before tax for the same gear B&H is giving you for just $599 out the door!

The B&H price is straight-up undercutting DJI's own refurb and new combos. So unless you're desperate for that new-new smell, this is one deal you won't want to let fly by.

As always, these open-box steals tend to have shorter wings than a Mavic in Sport mode. So you'd better get on this one before some other savvy aviator scoops it up. Head over to B&H, grab this bundle, and get ready to take your aerial adventures to new heights without going broke in the process.

Safe flights out there, and maybe I'll see you among the clouds!

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