DJI Black Friday 2022

DJI Black Friday 2022
DJI Black Friday 2022

Are you looking for the best DJI Black Friday 2022 deals? You've come to the right place! We've got all the information you need on the biggest discounts on drones, gimbals, and more from DJI. Check back here closer to Black Friday for the latest deals!

DJI Hot Deals

[lasso ref="dji-fpv-drone-combo-dji-global" id="4200" link_id="7947"]

For the DJI FPV Combo Kit, this is one of the best prices we've seen.

[lasso ref="dji-action-2-dual-screen-combo-link" id="4117" link_id="7948"]

[lasso ref="dji-2" id="5032" link_id="7949"]

It's nice to see a free DJI Shoulder bag with purchase, even if it is not a lower price.

[lasso ref="osmo-action-3-adventure-combo-dji-global" id="5036" link_id="7950"]

[lasso ref="dji-mini-2-fly-more-combo-dji-global" id="5028" link_id="7951"]

If you are looking for a powerful entry-level drone, DJI Mini 2 is still a great choice.

DJI New Releases

[lasso ref="amzn-dji-mavic-3-classic-drone-with-camera-4-3-cmos-hasselblad-camera-dji-rc-n1-remote-controller-5-1k-hd-video-46-min-flight-time-obstacle-sensing-drone-dji-15km-transmission-range-advan" id="4926" link_id="7967"]

A newcomer to the DJI Mavic 3 Series with a great price which makes you think twice about buying a DJI Air 2S now that you can get the Mavic 3 Classic for a little more.

[lasso ref="amzn-dji-osmo-mobile-6-smartphone-gimbal-stabilizer-3-axis-phone-gimbal-built-in-extension-rod-portable-and-foldable-android-and-iphone-gimbal-with-shotguides-vlogging-stabilizer-youtube-tiktok-video" id="5050" link_id="7968"]

DJIs latest 3-Axis Gimbal for your Google or Apple iPhone.

[lasso ref="amzn-osmo-action-3-standard-combo-4k-action-camera-with-super-wide-fov-horizonsteady-cold-resistant-long-lasting-quick-release-vertical-mount-16m-waterproof-dual-touchscreens" id="5052" link_id="7969"]

To me, the OA3's biggest selling point is its better cold resistance and longer battery life. During a road trip in Canada, I filmed myself and this would have made a world of difference with the cold temperatures and long drives.

[lasso ref="amzn-dji-avata-pro-view-combo-b-h" id="4705" link_id="7970"]

The DJI Avata is DJI's latest consumer FPV drone.

Buy Refurbished & Save

The website offers refurbished drone units, but we recommend checking out the DJI Official eBay Outlet Store because AllState offers 1 or 2-years of hardware warranty.

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[lasso ref="dji-mavic-3-certified-refurbished-ebay" id="5056" link_id="7971"]

[lasso ref="dji-mavic-3-fly-more-certified-refurbished-ebay" id="5058" link_id="7974"]

[lasso ref="dji-mavic-3-cine-premium-combo-certified-refurbished-ebay" id="5060" link_id="7975"]

[lasso ref="dji-mini-2-ready-to-fly-3-battery-bundle-certified-refurbished-ebay" id="5063" link_id="7983"]

[lasso ref="dji-air-2s-certified-refurbished-ebay" id="5066" link_id="7984"]

[lasso ref="dji-air-2s-fly-more-combo-dji-certified-refurbished-ebay" id="5079" link_id="7995"]

[lasso ref="dji-pocket-2-certified-refurbished-ebay" id="5068" link_id="7988"]

[lasso ref="dji-pocket-2-creator-combo-certified-refurbished-ebay" id="5070" link_id="7993"]

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