Drone Laws in Minnesota: What You Should Know

The following are drone laws that apply to every state in the U.S., including Minnesota, Wisconsin, and were created by the federal government.

Paying attention to everything the FAA has put forth since their drone laws and regulations were initially put into full effect is crucial for all drone fliers.

It is important to note that many states may have different regulations, which must be taken into account when flying in their airspace.

In Minnesota, for example, all drone users are required to get a special permit from the FAA if they are flying over populated areas, which is not the case in other states.

State Drone Laws in Minnesota

In this article, I will give a brief overview of the laws in your state. However, I cannot cover all the minutiae in just two thousand words. These are drone laws that apply throughout the state of Minnesota and were created by the Minnesota Legislature.

MN DOT Aeronautics Rules Chapter 8800

Commercial drone operators in the state must pay a $30 licensing fee to obtain a Commercial Operations License.

Minnesota Statute 360.59

This statute requires that commercial operators hold drone insurance and sets specific insurance based on the aircraft being flown.

Minnesota Statute 360.60

The statue requires that all commercial operators of drones in the state of Minnesota to register with the required department of the Minnesota Department of Transportation. To register, you may use either one of the following two options to register your aircraft. You can either download and print the Aircraft Registration Application and Sales/Use Tax Return from the MN DOT Aircraft Registration page. In most cases a registration fee of $100/year will apply.

Feel free to navigate through all of MN DOT’s regulations for commercial drone operators on their UAS/Drones webpage.

SF 550 // 2017

This legislation appropriates $348,000 to assess the use of UAS in natural resource monitoring of moose populations and changes in ecosystems.

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