FAA Part 107 sUAS Test

I passed the FAA Part 107 sUAS test, with the majority of my studying comprised of this forty-three minute video. If you are considering getting into commercial drone work, this video is a must in my opinion. Check out the timestamp in the video description for everything they cover.

If you prefer a more formal approach to learning, I recommend you take a look at the ABJ Drone Academy. You get access to 12 drone courses for the price of one! Depending on which package you choose, you also have in-person courses available to you, if this is more suited to your learning style.

ABJ Drone Academy Includes:

  • First Access Support
  • Private Facebook Mentor Group
  • Instant Drone Network Access
  • Prioritized for Drone Pilot Jobs

FREE Drone Certification Study Guide: FAA Part 107 sUAS Test

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