Insta360 Releases “Insta360 Sphere” 360 Camera for DJI Air 2 & Air 2S

Insta360 Releases “Insta360 Sphere” 360 Camera for DJI Air 2 & Air 2S
Insta360 Releases “Insta360 Sphere” 360 Camera for DJI Air 2 & Air 2S

Insta360, a leading provider of 360-degree cameras and software, has announced the release of the Insta360 Sphere Camera.

The Sphere is designed to work with DJI’s Air 2 and Air 2S drones, giving users the ability to capture 360-degree aerial footage and photos.

With the Sphere, you can record immersive video and photos that are perfect for sharing on social media or VR headsets.

To learn more about the Insta360 Sphere Camera and how to order one for yourself, keep reading.

Insta360 Sphere

Insta360 Sphere Invisible Drone 360 Camera

  • Capture 360° 5.7K Drone Footage
  • Positioned so Drone is "Invisible"
  • Compatible with DJI Mavic Air 2/2S
  • FlowState Stabilization for Smooth Video
  • Easy to Install, Doesn't Impede Drone
  • Lens Guards & Landing Pad Included
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The device that straps around your DJI Air 2 and DJI Air 2S, allowing you to capture footage while flying. It has convenient holes so as not obstruct sensors on the downward facing side of these drones! Here’s what else we know:

  • The latching mechanism sits at the top, over the battery but not blocking the power button
  • Cameras protrude above and below the drone’s body. This makes for slightly awkward landings, but there’s a fix we’ll explore later
  • Power and record buttons plus electronics are in the module seen on the right, between upper and lower lenses
  • Battery and charging port are seen here on the left

Here’s how Insta360 describes the product:

“The all-new Insta360 Sphere is a 360-degree invisible drone camera—the ultimate tool to level up your content production with the DJI Mavic Air 2/2S. With Sphere attached, the drone becomes totally invisible in the resulting footage, while the camera’s lightweight, unibody structure and intuitive operation make 360 aerial filming easier than ever before. Creators can take advantage of powerful editing tools such as 360 reframing, auto-tracking and more to effortlessly capture otherwise impossible shots and effects.”

How it works

To create a 360° image, you need two cameras. One camera is on the top of the drone and one camera is on the bottom of the drone. When you put these pictures together, it makes a picture that captures everything around the drone.

In conclusion, the Insta360 Sphere is a welcome addition to the third-party offering for the DJI Air 2 / DJI Air 2S ecosystem. Providing users with an easy way to shoot immersive, 360-degree videos and photos, the Insta360 Sphere will be a great tool for photographers, filmmakers, and other creatives.

With the ability to control settings and stitch footage wirelessly through an app on the fly, it is an affordable and intuitive filmmaking experience that will help the creative community take their work to the next level.

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