Luminar Neo Extensions Free to Try until Jan 16th

As photography technology continues to evolve, photographers of all levels can take advantage of the latest features and innovations without spending a fortune.

With Luminar Neo Extensions, photographers can effortlessly customize their editing workflow with a variety of special effects, filters, and tools — all available to try for free until January 16th, 2023 for current owners of Luminar Neo.

With Luminar Neo Extensions, you can take your photos to the next level with just a few clicks!

  • Supersharp AI: To help artists deal with motion blur and misfocus
  • HDR Merge: To create beautiful images merging multiple exposures
  • Focus Stacking: Stack up to 100 photos and automatically aling and crop
  • Upscale AI: AI-driven technology enhancing image resolution up to 6x
  • Noiseless AI: Say goodby to noise in your photos when shooting at high ISO
  • Background Removal AI: Automatically remove the background at any photo 
  • Magic Light AI: Control multiple light sources on your photos

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Supersharp AI Samples

Supersharp AI:

HDR Merge:

Focus Stacking:

Upscale AI:

Noiseless AI:

Background Removal AI:

Magic Light AI:

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