Master Landscape Photography with Elia Locardi

Join travel photographer and educator Elia Locardi on a journey to capture the most beautiful places in the world! We will give you tips and tricks to become a better photo editor so you can create your own amazing landscape photography.

What is included in the course?

  • 3+ hours of content

  • 29 video classes

  • Raw files for practicing along with Elia

  • Two chapters focused on drone photography

    • Chapter 7: Photographing a landscape with a drone

    • Chapter 8: Editing a drone shot in LuminarAI

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Drones are taking the photography world by storm. But now it’s time to bring your aerial shots into Luminar AI, an award-winning photo editing app. Elia takes you through how they use Luminar AI to edit aerial and drone photography. Exercise files included.

Landscape photographer Elia Locardi suggests utilizing long exposure photography to capture moving objects flawlessly in landscape shots. You’ll need a tripod, remote and neutral density filters for best results.

  • Plan and scout breathtaking locations
  • Choose the most convenient gear
  • Compose your photos for pro-level shots
  • Create landscapes that amaze
  • Capture unique drone photography
  • Shoot long exposure images
  • Unlock the mystery of HDR focus stacking
  • Edit to perfection in Luminar AI

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