This 10TB Hard Drive Is an Excellent Choice for Drone Pilots

So, you want to upgrade your computer's storage during the current hard drive shortage? If you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable, and reasonably priced external hard drive then your search is over. This 10tb external hard drive is the perfect one for you.

The 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB Seagate BarraCuda HDDs all use SMR technology, which means that random writes to these drives are slow and these drives are not suitable for boot drives.

When I read reviews online, I think there is a good chance of getting a Seagate BarraCuda Pro in that external hard drive. Here we go, 7200RPM, CMR technology and $22.50 per TB.

The beauty of this is that these external drives can be extracted and used within your editing workstation.

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