Updated RC Pro Firmware Enables Mini 3 Pro Compatibility

Updated RC Pro Firmware Enables Mini 3 Pro Compatibility
Updated RC Pro Firmware Enables Mini 3 Pro Compatibility

An updated firmware for the RC Pro now enables compatibility with the Mini 3 Pro. This is great news for those of us who have been wanting to use the RC Pro with the Mini 3 Pro. The updated firmware is available for download now.

Today is a big day for drone lovers everywhere! DJI, leading consumer and enterprise drone manufacturer, has announced the release of updated RC Pro firmware version v000900, alongside a new OS for the Mini 3 Pro. This means that the two products can now be used together, something that Mini 3 Pro users have been hoping for since the drone was introduced in May. Exciting stuff!

By that time, DJI had finally released their new UAV, which came with the smaller RC-N1 (or no remote at all).

This is great news! The Mini 3 Pro is finally here and we have @DARRENMPRO to thank for being the first person to unbox, record, and upload video of it. This is a huge development and we're all excited to see what this powerful little device can do. Thank you, @DARRENMPRO!

Big update out today ! RC PRO controller now works with the MINI 3 PRO! WOO https://t.co/jkTi1ftHiV#MINI3 #DJI #DJIMINI3PRO #dji #mini3pro pic.twitter.com/CrYhP9BZyk


The RC Pro is now compatible with DJI's Mini 3 Pro, Mavic 3 and Air 2S! This premium remote comes with external antennae for better connectivity, a brighter screen, and enhanced features.

“For you guys who already have an RC Pro, this is like Christmas come early to you,” @DARRENMPRO says in his per-usual super-fast YouTube video responses to the latest DJI product news. “I have heard and have been asked so many times, ‘When will compatibility come between the Mini 3 Pro and RC Pro?’ Well, today, you’ve got it… Go and get this installed, and go have fun.”

The new DJI RC Pro firmware update is out and it includes a new DJI Fly v12 version! This wider upgrade will add support for using the remote with DJI Mini 3 Pro, as well as allow FPV Live functionality. It will also fix some unspecified "minor bugs." We can't wait to try it all out!

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