Welcome to Our New Name and Mission!

Mavic Guides is now We Fly With Drones

Welcome to Our New Name and Mission!
Welcome to Our New Name and Mission!

We are excited to announce that Mavic Guides has officially changed its name! The new, expanded mission of this drone community is “to empower drone pilots everywhere.”


Everyone should be able to capture beautiful aerial footage.

Technology will never stop improving to help us capture shots that have previously been out of reach.

If technology is your passion, or if you aspire to be a professional drone pilot, you should be able to spend as much time as possible flying.

Share your drone content with us.

Come join the drone community! Participate! Do you know a drone pilot? Are you a drone pilot? Share this video and help us spread awareness that we need MORE PILOTS FOR THIS!, enjoy :)

WeFlyWithDrones is looking for passionate content creators to share their drone photographs and videos with us on Instagram! Whether you’re an adventure photographer, a travel photographer, or just want to capture your next flight at your local park or field – get in touch ! We are looking for high-quality photos and video of remote locations, extreme sports, cityscapes (especially tall buildings), and more.

We are especially interested in personal accounts of your experiences with the technology; what drone pilots don’t love talking about their latest flights!

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